Today, we’re talking about difficult conversations… which, frankly, no one wants to have.

And it’s no wonder why – it’s right in the name! – but you can’t get through life without having difficult conversations. And if you know how to do them well, and you go into them with the right mindset, it just makes things a lot better.


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The Weekly Commitment

Every week, we will ask you the same question: What is the one thing that you will commit to doing or improving this week?

Writing down your answer to the question will start a self-accountability process, and following up with this practice after every episode will help you take consistent small actions that ultimately lead to BIG transformations.

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Three Key Takeaways:


  1. Journal about your first step, whatever it is. Just write it down! Or, if you’re not feeling like writing today, take out the voice memo app on your phone, record it, and listen back to it.
  2. Don’t apologize to someone as you tell them you want to have a difficult conversation. You’re allowed to have your emotions, so don’t apologize for them! That’s an important part of being a human.
  3. Don’t go into a difficult conversation with assumptions. You want to be in a good mindset because it’s a lot more likely that something bad will happen if you go into it thinking that it will. And if you go into the conversation imagining what that other person is going to say or how they’re going to react, that’s informing how you speak to that person and how you react to them reacting.