Welcome back! As we start Season 2, we want to catch you up with what we’ve been up to!

And we want to let you know about some format changes we’re making based on your feedback: episodes will be shorter (better for a commute!), there will be a greater focus on what we are learning, and every future episode will outline three key takeaways.

We’re also going to be sharing episodes with you on a weekly basis for a while, so look out for another dose of InspHERation next Monday!

Welcome to InspHERation Nation!



The Weekly Commitment

Every week, we will ask you the same question: What is the one thing that you will commit to doing or improving this week?

Writing down your answer to the question will start a self-accountability process, and following up with this practice after every episode will help you take consistent small actions that ultimately lead to BIG transformations.

If you want to share what you are committing yourself to, we would love to hear! You can get in touch with us at…