Matt Davis is the Founder of gameFI, a company that revolutionizes the front-line employee experience at financial institutions by making employee engagement fun.

GameFI’s clients have increased their employee engagement levels by 20-40% by harnessing the power of gamification to build lasting cultures of sales, service, and performance through employee engagement.


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The Weekly Commitment

Every week, we will ask you the same question: What is the one thing that you will commit to doing or improving this week?

Writing down your answer to the question will start a self-accountability process, and following up with this practice after every episode will help you take consistent small actions that ultimately lead to BIG transformations.

If you want to share what you are committing yourself to, we would love to hear! You can get in touch with us at…


3 ways any organization can start leveraging their employees:

“If we’re going to actually drive success as organizations, we need to make sure we’re leveraging our most important assets: our employees.” –Matt Davis

  1. Focus – It’s impossible for an employee to perform when they don’t know, specifically, what their focus should be. Your organization’s goal should be helping employees focus on and understand the three or so most critical job functions that will help drive success for the organization.
  2. Feedback – There are now multiple generations in the workforce who have been exposed to video games, and other forms of interactive technology, for their entire life. Those people are used to, and expect, instant feedback about everything that they do… but most of us are still working in a work environment with annual employee reviews. That needs to change.
  3. Fun – Matt saw the world being transformed by fun, and he sees the potential gamification has to transform businesses. We can incorporate game design principles to encourage specific outcomes by creating a greater sense of accomplishment and fun.


Big takeaways:

  • Employee engagement and happiness affect your bottom line, but some organization have been ignoring it for years.
  • If there is not a program or culture encouraging employee engagement or fun in your organization, YOU can be the one to start it – it only takes one person to spark a positive change!
  • If you are a leader in your organization, it’s very important that you don’t just talk about employee engagement – you also have to take action and show that you are invested. If you’re not engaged, your employees won’t be either.
  • Show your employees that you care! Everyone wants to feel valued.
  • If you’re not getting the feedback that you need to do your job effectively, ask for it.