Amanda & Liz sit down for their first episode in a series on Leadership, and to kick things off they discuss how leadership starts from within.


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The Weekly Commitment

Every week, we will ask you the same question: What is the one thing that you will commit to doing or improving this week?

Writing down your answer to the question will start a self-accountability process, and following up with this practice after every episode will help you take consistent small actions that ultimately lead to BIG transformations.

If you want to share what you are committing yourself to, we would love to hear! You can get in touch with us at…


Intuitive Eating & Living

Liz has been working with a health coach lately, and part of that is practicing something called Intuitive Eating. There are no diet rules – the point is to listen to your body, give it what it wants, and nourish it by eating more mindfully.

If you want a burger, eat a burger! But make it the best burger you can, be present, eat it slowly, and eat in moderation.

This practice can have a significant impact on the rest of your life because, as Liz’s health coach says, the way we do one thing is the way we do everything.


Mental Health

There are a lot of metrics to measure for assessing physical health, but we don’t have any conveniences like that when it comes to our mental health. However, it’s still important to take active steps towards self-care.

Unsurprisingly, binge watching Netflix isn’t the best way to deal with any potential mental health problems (although it can feel like the right thing to do). Sitting alone and watching TV, or mindlessly doing anything else, is actually a great opportunity to dwell.

Amanda recently started attending a meditation yoga class, and she feels like a new person! Giving herself the time to sit without judgement, and just allowing her thoughts to happen, is giving her a lot of peace.


How do you treat yourself?

If you aren’t nice to yourself and you don’t respect yourself, other people are going to treat you the same way; You teach other people how to treat you through the way you treat yourself.


Everyone’s a Leader

Even if you don’t have a leadership role within your organization, you’re probably a leader to someone. People learn from how you act every day, so when you start treating yourself better and practicing self-care, you will help them on their journey too.