We’ve talked on almost every episode of the podcast about the importance of having some quiet time to hear your inner voice, especially during times of stress when your emotional “check engine light” is blinking red.  You know…those times when you are more quick to anger or tears, or you bury yourself in your phone or try to escape reality by constantly busying yourself in order to not think about something going on in your life.

Not to get into too much detail here, but I’ve been going through some really hard times personally and decided to cash in some of my frequent flyer miles and hotel points to take a solo working vacation.  At some points during this week, I felt like it was the dumbest thing I’ve ever done in my life.  I was lonely, sad, and you can only do so much work, read so many books, and watch so many episodes of the Real Housewives of Orange County before you finally have to face reality.  At other points, I felt the opposite.

Once I had processed all of my emotions and thoughts, I found a peace that I haven’t felt in a long time.  I was okay with the silence.  I was okay with not having a plan for my days.  I was okay with doing whatever felt right in the moment, whether it was cry, or call a friend, or sit in silence as I watched the clouds roll over the intracoastal waterway.

Six days, one tropical storm warning, some ice cream and a few glasses of wine later, I feel like I am coming out of the trip with a healthier perspective on myself and my life. Giving yourself the time and freedom to listen to your inner voice is a part of self care that often gets overlooked when it’s on the long list of other things we need to do to take care of ourselves.

You don’t have to go away to do it (although this trip was kinda fun).  Take time over your morning coffee or tea and go to your favorite spot and, just as you would listen to a friend, learn to listen to yourself.  Your emotions and your wants and needs are just as important.  And giving yourself permission to have them and to feel them without guilt is a very important step to listening to your inner voice.

Have you taken a “me trip” or have a favorite spot you love to go and reflect?  Send us a photo or comment on what you have done to listen to yourself.  We’d love to share it with our listeners!