This past Friday during a marathon brainstorming session to plan out future episodes of the InspHERation Podcast, Liz and I got on the subject of the importance of unplugging.  While smart phones make life “easier” in many respects (What’s that ingredient I needed for that recipe? Can you pick up toothpaste on the way home?  I’m going to send Brad a quick email about that project we’re working on), I personally feel like they raise the anxiety ante for many people like myself who are, frankly, anxious perfectionists by nature already.

With the thousands of people I am connected to across five social media channels, three email addresses, text messages, and project management software all on my phone, I am subject to a tidal wave of notifications with no way to filter how and when information gets to me…something that has encroached on the ability for me to remain present in my relationships, hear my inner voice, and keep my stress level down.

And it made me ask:

Why have we taken on technology without drawing better boundaries for ourselves?

I was thinking to myself “how can we do an episode on unplugging if I can’t even manage to do it myself?”  Nothing annoys me more than seeing someone not even try to practice what they preach.  So here I am, on day three of my social media fast.  All notifications on my phone are disabled and I am quietly sitting in my home office at 12:39 on a Monday with JUST ONE CHECKMARK LEFT on my to-do list for today.  Yes, that’s right.  Why?  NO DISTRACTIONS!

This comes on the heels of my first weekend away from social media in months.  Did I have a hard time not posting a photo of the front porch ceiling that I painted this gorgeous haint blue to complete a months-long new porch project?  Absolutely!  Did I pick up my phone about 15 times to scroll through Facebook when I was procrastinating on starting a load of laundry yesterday?  Yes.  But the last couple of days have shown me that this constant connectedness has caused me to not be able to hear my inner voice.  You know, the one that says “hey, it’s me here.  I’m really needing a break.  Why don’t you do something nice for me like take a long walk or read a book?”

So that’s where I’ll be.  Leave a comment below and share what YOU’LL do when you unplug so you can stay in touch with your inner voice!

By the way, here’s a photo of my porch, because…yes.